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Keeping fit

We have to make active decisions

Man has an innate need to move. Before modern times, when everything can be served to ones doorstep, everything we needed to survive came through very hard, physical work. To eat we had to hunt wild animals or collect wild fruit and vegetable. To keep warm we had to make clothes from animal skins and to make fires with hard-earned wood. There was also limited access to food so man stayed fit whether he wanted to or not.

Society today looks very different and instead of spending our days chasing wild animals, cutting wood or creating tools and clothes most of us sit with poor posture in front of a bright screen all day. This means that we need to make an active effort to keep our bodies healthy. We have to make wise choices when it comes to food (which is hard when there are so many tasty distractions) and we have to exercise regularly.

Healthy training habits

The number one most popular way to fit in physical exercise in the weekly schedule is to go for regular runs. Running is very effective when it comes to training your heart, lungs and reduces the risk to develop countless illnesses and conditions. Anyone with knee, hip or other joint problems can exchange running for bicycling or swimming which give similar results to the health but without the negative side effects on the joints. Daily walks are also a very good way to stay fit and healthy and simple changes like always taking stairs instead of elevators, or getting into the habit of getting off public transport one or two stops away from your true destination, can have life-changing effects on your health and physique.

If you combine running, swimming and walking with one or two gym visits a week, or a yoga session or two, you have a very healthy habit of taking care of your physical health. And then, you won't feel guilty about sitting down in front of the screen for a couple of hours and playing a couple of slots at reputable online casinos like Casumo.